‘Training Day’ Proves That TV Has A New Way Of Adapting Movies

Bill Paxton Recruited For Training Day” At CBS

Earlier this month, news surfaced that Ethan Hawke had been offered the opportunity to reprise his role as detective Jake Hoyt from the 2001 crime thriller Training Day for the TV series adaptation in the works at CBS. This online Level 2 Cleaning in Food Premises training course is designed to ensure compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on the hygiene of food stuffs by providing those responsible for cleaning the food premises with sufficient knowledge on preparing to clean, cleaning methods and the contamination hazards to look out for.

In terms of basic training of a young horse – or a horse of any age, really – he will respond much more eagerly to encouraging words in a pleasant voice and with gentle caresses or rub downs rather than with loud words or screaming and harsh actions such as hitting, whipping, and yanking on his bridle.

Last seen as a TV regular on HBO’s Big Love (minus a handful of mini-series), Paxton will play Frank Rourke, a veteran LAPD cop who heads up the Special Investigation Section (S.I.S.).” and lives by the law of the jungle and believes that real courage is the will to chase the bad guys where the law won’t.” Though it isn’t exactly a major twist on the plot of the 2001 film, Paxton steps into the Denzel Washington role, which won the esteemed actor an Oscar.

Fortunately, measuring training effectiveness, namely the contribution of a training program to the learners’ knowledge, is exactly what LMS platforms are great at. That’s what quizzes, tests and the like are about, and an LMS platform like TalentLMS will give you all the tools you need to create them, manage them, deliver them to your learners, grade them and in general evaluate learner performance through them.

Having documented proof that an individual was properly trained and that an activity was properly risk assessed at the time of an accident can also go a long way to demonstrating that your organisation Software can create reports showing improved safety performance, which may help firms win lower insurance premiums.

The day was simply amazing, the experienced course leaders, all of whom have spent their working lives in forensic investigation, recreated a ‘real life’ crime scene environment from start to finish; we (there were 10 on the course in total) were taken to a briefing room where we were coached in fast thinking, lateral thinking and methodical processes and taught how to investigate and how to find and lift fingerprints.

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