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ASI Training Course

It is a requirement of the ACA training agreement that you meet your students at least every six months and that these reviews are held with the counsellor or qualified person responsible for training (QPRT). The Community Health Worker Program includes 135 hour internship, job readiness counseling & job searching support, in addition to health training certificates in Mental Health First Aid, OSHA 10, Resiliency training, Community Nutrition Education and more.

This Equality and Diversity training course provides an introduction to the Equality Act 2010, helping learners to understand more about their legal responsibilities, aiding people to feel confident about challenging discriminatory behaviour and raising awareness of how to promote equality and diversity in the workplace.

This Attaining a 5 in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme training course has been designed by food industry experts to help food handlers of all levels understand the areas they need to consider in order to achieve, and maintain, the highest rating under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

This online Level 2 Cleaning in Food Premises training course is designed to ensure compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on the hygiene of food stuffs by providing those responsible for cleaning the food premises with sufficient knowledge on preparing to clean, cleaning methods and the contamination hazards to look out for.

This COSHH Training Course ensures your compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 by providing employees with knowledge of the risks surrounding work with hazardous substances, including information on how to identify the risks and control measures needed.

Training only a few hours across a wide variety of brain functions, such as in the BBC brain training” experiment, should not be expected to trigger real-world benefits, in the same way that going to the gym a couple times per month and doing an assortment of undirected exercises cannot be expected to result in increased muscle strength and physical fitness.

Medical Assistant Career Training (OBT) – The Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Training Program (CMAA) is a free 10-week program that offers the training and experience needed to build a successful career as a Medical Administrative Assistant.

Training opportunities include: IT Training ● Commercial Driver’s License ● Home Health Aide ● Construction Work ● NYS Master Barber ● Medical Assistant ● Maintenance and Janitorial ● TV Production Assistant ● Health and Office Operation (Medical Records) ● Wood Working ● Cable Installation ● Hospitality and Tourism Industry (NRAEF Certification) ● OSHA License ● and more.

This online COSHH for Clinical Environments Course helps to ensure that clinical-based workplaces comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 by providing learners with an understanding of the risks and ill-health associated with substances harmful to health.

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Even among the young category of minimalist shoes, the options can be overwhelming. I discussed the benefits and knowledges had got from the training course with my Secondees colleague , everybody are so happy with the training we have it. About me I learned so many things I did not have an idea it will help in my future and my role such as the way how I will deal with the clients and the management.

It started out that the group was completely blindfolded and could not speak, next they were still blindfolded but were allowed to speak to one another, and lastly all obstacles to communication were removed, and of course this allowed them to pass the ball freely to one another, even clear across the room with great success.

This online Safeguarding Children: Internet Safety course aims to provide an understanding of the risks that the online generation may encounter, for both professionals and parents, who wish to know more about what they can do to protect children online.

Here are some softer training methods that are not necessarily essential to conveying information, but that can make receiving data or instructions a much more enjoyable experience, which will keep trainees involved and help them retain more information.

Medical Career Training – Work with Developmentally Disabled People : This training program, designed to teach the skills needed to successfully and professionally work with developmentally disabled people in a variety of workplace environments, is provided by the Federation Employment Guidance Services (FEGS) Trade & Business School.